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Consumers Share Wasteful Spending Habits

Within the News"She's got a lot of bows. They call her the bow girl in school," says stayathome mom Jill Kathan. This is an accessory craze which has cost the family a little more than $500. And it is the reason Kathan entered the Spendster Reality Check Challenge. The nonprofit consumer education group is cheap nike nfl jerseys asking shoppers to submit a relevant video detailing their wasteful spending habits for the chance to win $100 to $1,000."My 4yearold little girl, Kelsey, is quite the diva. I think I need a reality check, since i have slowly created that diva within the making. I've got a secret obsession of purchasing hair accessories for her to match EVERY outfit. We won't even talk about all the clothing nike ravens jersey she has," wrote Kathan in her own video entry.For Kathan, the bow addiction, that the family members have had for any year and a half, only intensified after she met a bowmaker at a New Kids on the market concert last year."We have the ability to these kinds of slipups; admitting for them may help people notice how they are spending their cash to allow them to avoid repeating mistakes the next time they're at the checkout counter."Want to find out how much you spend on wasteful or impulsive purchases? Check out the ">Spendster calculator to find out how much money you cheap football shirts uk blew on the habit and where it could be better spent.If you buy an iced caramel macchiato for $3 each day, you're spending $1,095 annually. Based on Spendster's calculations, if one makes football kits the minimum payment on your charge card in the average rate of interest of 9 %, those drinks would wind up costing you more than $3,000."I buy useless stuff," said 15yearold Kelli Johnson as part of her admission to the competition. "I buy videos I'll never watch and clothes I'll never wear."Bean bags, caskets or silly bandsYou name it, they got it, as the videos testify."My name is Dan and i am alive, yet I own my coffin," said a previous contestant. "See I do video production and last year I had been shooting a funeral scene and I first got it through my head that I needed to obtain a real casket for the shoot." The damaged casket which was an impulsive purchase is now occupying space at Dan's home in the spare room.Another contestant had a dependancy to soda. "I'm addicted to Diet Coke a variety of it, everyday This is a 44 ounce cup," said one contestant. "You can't even call it a cup. It's basically a bucket, a 44 ounce bucket I drink a minimum of 2 buckets a day." It is a habit she says costs her $90 per month or $1,080 a year. Over the past decade, that's more than $10,000.

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